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To avoid another trash crisis, it should urgently adopt an integrated approach to solid waste management that decreases reliance on landfills and prioritizes the health of residents. To send your articles , please do email : [email protected], Copyright © 2020 The Jordan News. At a home for the elderly in Bourj Hammoud, its Manager Sebouh Terzian said he was grateful a donor had pledged $22,000 to fix the damaged building. I had the joy of seeing the about twenty Iraqi children who returned to the Fratelli Centre for summer activities. In conclusion, after this double explosion in Beirut which, according to the latest news, has left nearly 200 dead and more than 6500 injured, the challenge for the Fratelli Project is to get a little closer to the Lebanese people and to be able to respond to their needs due to the economic crisis and growing poverty in the country. "Hopefully they will come next week and do all the repairs," said the head of the institution, which also relies on non-governmental organisations to feed its 119 residents. The Provincial of the Mediterranean Province of the Jesuit Fathers (Malta, Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria), during one of his visits to us, was keen to encourage this initiative and hoped that it would be extended to areas other than ongoing humanitarian action. There have also been cases of former students, at least one of whom died on 4 August 2020. Later in the evening, we learned that the explosion had damaged the three high schools belonging to the Brothers. Meanwhile, and at the worst possible time, the Bourj Hammoud/Jdeideh Landfill – one of two principal landfills servicing Beirut – is scheduled to shut down this month after reaching its maximum capacity. However, there were no more doors or windows in any of the rooms or offices. That day, the accountant of the Fratelli Association and I had a long working session until 12:30 pm. The programme had no set menu. All the buildings, classrooms, administration, chapel, the Brothers' community, the offices of the provincial house, everything was blown upside down; the papers and machines in all the offices were knocked over. In the five-storey building, the Fratelli Centre of B.H. At the moment, we have eight cases reported to us: two employees of the school of the Sacred Heart Brothers, two employees of Fratelli Bourj-Hammoud, one student of Fratelli Boourj-Hammoud with a broken leg, one student and his uncle from the Collège de Frères Notre Dame de Furn-Chebback, and one student from the Collège Sacré-Cur. In solidarity with all these families, Fratelli has offered a food package consisting of various foodstuffs for each family. It hopes to restore 600 homes in total, not all of them belonging to Armenians. Due to force majeure, there will be no children coming until the next school year in October 2020. The rubble and demolition debris alone vastly increased the daily volume of generated waste. In blast-hit Beirut, Armenian elders determined to stay, Mosques, churches and restaurants to reopen this week ‘with new set of health measures’, Pandemic-imposed school closures add strain to working parents’ balancing act, Swiss voters refuse immigration cuts, embrace paternity leave, Prime Ministry produces video ahead of London conference, Jordanians protest income tax draft law early Saturday. "It's a bit tough for the kids, but I don't know what else to do.". Thank God, the two Brothers were safe and sound. Lebanon spends almost 10 times more on its waste sector than Jordan and Tunisia, but still fails to manage its garbage, thereby interfering with people’s right to health and a healthy environment. We had to find the time to sit down and talk. At 6.8pm, a strong vibration violently shook the doors and windows of the community, followed by two very loud bursts. In relation with Caritas Lebanon, the Pastoral Ministry team of the Marist College of Jbail has identified 150 families and drawn up a list of basic needs. What had happened to cause this double detonation? is housed on the fourth floor. That school is located in a short distance from the harbour, which was destroyed, except for the concrete, which resisted the blast. In short, we continue to work to see concretely the help to be provided to these victims who are close to us in spirit and charisma. Lebanese President Michel Aoun held a meeting on September 21 with caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab and Environment Minister Damianos Kattar to address the crisis. On Thursday morning, the second day after the explosion, we went to Fratelli Bourj-Hammoud. “Those responsible of the explosion will be held accountable,” he added. From two congregations of Marist and Lasallian Brothers, we worked closely with the Society of Jesus (the Jesuit Fathers) during the three weeks of joint humanitarian action. Some 140,000 Armenians live in Lebanon, mostly descendants of those who escaped the mass killings of their people under the Ottoman Empire from 1915 to 1917. Help us continue to fight human rights abuses. Its tall white columns and cast-iron balconies are still standing, but its windows, now covered with sheets of white plastic, have been blown clean of glass. The costs of inaction in addressing Lebanon’s trash crisis are huge. In areas around the port, the explosion dealt a further blow to households already reeling from Lebanon's worst economic crisis since the 1975-1990 civil war. In Mar Mikhail, Dikran Geuzubeuyukian, 58, and his teenage children have received food aid and help to renovate their damaged flat. All this, without forgetting our target, which is the Syrian and Iraqi refugees, were the subjects of our open-ended discussion that morning in Beirut. We also wanted to know if it would be possible to continue the summer activities underway with the Iraqi children. Some of the worst-hit areas are home to the city's century-old Armenian community. After a week, it became clear that these families were finding it difficult to leave the damaged houses to live elsewhere. Therefore, no work will be carried out before two months, the time to assess the damage and prepare the consequent estimates. After a stop at the Directorate of General Security where I was able to collect my new resident permit, I returned to the community in Rmeileh shortly before 6 pm local time. "Never will I leave this home," said the Lebanese Armenian retiree as she sat in her windowless living room. In dialogue with the International Solidarity Secretariat in Rome, we selected the following priority lines of action: Home | Contact Us | Site Map | Print this page | RSS | Top of page, Posted by Source: RELAF Newsletter N36 The first day after the explosion, we took the time to try to understand what really happened. We work with nearly 87 families who participate in Fratelli's programmes in this Centre. What can we do? Relatives in the United States have urged her to emigrate, but she is not interested. The Fratelli Project is dedicated to refugee and displaced children from the war in Lebanon. We are in the process of identifying students from Lasallian or Marist schools and their families directly affected by the explosion. Minister of Interior Mohammad Fahmi asserted on Wednesday that investigations in the explosion that took place at the Beirut port will be transparent and will take 5 days. They prefer to stay there despite the absence of doors and windows. We spoke with some volunteers and leaders of the Scouts, the Eucharistic Youth Movement (EYM) and the Catholic Youth who deployed to help in the damaged houses in the majority of the destroyed area. Then a team of 4 to 5 of our staff would go to the field in Beirut to serve the hot dishes. From the kitchen, he can see what remains of the port's grain silos, while in the corridor, there is the place where he found his wife Liza, who died in the explosion. This was to gather the needs expressed and analyse them in order to initiate actions in connection with these direct actors on the ground with the victims. "I really feel rooted in Lebanon," said Bandikian. Beirut’s port explosion, ... Additionally, the blast severely damaged two key sorting, recycling, and composting facilities in Karantina and Bourj Hammoud, as well as waste collection vehicles. on 5 October 2020, Address: Flinders Centre, Level 4 / 25 Restwell Street, Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia, 2200, BBI-TAITE Grad Certificate/Youth Ministry, To offer 1200 hot meals daily for three weeks: in collaboration with one of the Jesuit Fathers' programmes "Bread that seeks Hunger" and a Christian Association "Offer Joy", we have committed ourselves to providing the necessary foodstuff to serve 1200 hot meals daily to families living in various damaged areas of Beirut. At a home for the elderly in Bourj Hammoud, ... there is the place where he found his wife Liza, who died in the explosion. Beirut’s port explosion, which killed 212 people and obliterated large parts of the city on August 4, has put additional strains on Lebanon’s already compromised ability to manage its waste. Today, more than ever before, the Lebanese are experiencing the same needs as refugees. We also visited the school of the Sacred Heart Brothers in Gemmayze. To work together to provide necessities to 150 Christian families: Catholic schools decided to open their classrooms to welcome families who lost their homes in the explosion. Christians, who lost everything in a few minutes after the explosion, inhabit Mar Mikael (Saint Michael). These included bottles of clean water, bags of coffee, tinned food, salt, rice, oil, lentils, detergents, hydro- alcoholic gel, etc. © 2018 Marwan Naamani/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images, Lebanon Police Force Directs Blame for Abuse Against Protesters, Lebanon: Ensure Aid Goes Directly to Those in Need, Gay Sex Still a Crime in Singapore Thanks to Dubious Legal Rulings, Two Years in Prison for Gay Sex in Turkmenistan, I Came to Work in Qatar to Pursue My Dreams, But My Life is a Nightmare. The government had promised to publish it within four days; we are still waiting for these results as we are starting the month of September. Beirut resident Vany Bandikian once dreamt of travelling outside Lebanon, but after a massive explosion wrecked her neighbourhood, all she wants is … Additionally, the blast severely damaged two key sorting, recycling, and composting facilities in Karantina and Bourj Hammoud, as well as waste collection vehicles. Geuzubeuyukian said they had no choice but to move back in. Repairs will be carried out using own funds. The problem is not new for Lebanon. A total of 25,200 hot dishes were served to the families of the victims. Get updates on human rights issues from around the globe. We came out of it, disappointed and saddened. Armenian Christians and other refugees who share the same belief inhabit it. Fratelli as an inter-congregational project remains open to collaboration with other religious institutes. "A lot of people rang me and said: 'Come and live with us'. 10 of … Please give now to support our work, Beirut Blast Damaged Country’s Waste Management Infrastructure. With Beirut's hospitals overwhelmed, she had to wait a whole day for someone to dress her wounds. Sep 23,2020 - Last updated at Sep 23,2020, Lebanese Armenian Dikran Geuzubeuyukian and his children inspect his house in Beirut's Mar Mikhail district, on September 16, after its renovation by Armenian NGO Armenian General Benevolent Union due to damages caused by a huge chemical explosion in the port of the capital (AFP photo). On the third day after the explosion, we as the coordination team went to Beirut city centre. Social networks, local and international media, newsletters and any source of information that could tell us what had happened the day before were reviewed all the daylong. Solve this simple math problem and enter the result. Three times a week, AGBU distributes a total of 1,500 meals in the Bourj Hammoud and Mar Mikhail neighbourhoods, Ghazarian said. Image Credit: AFP. On Thursday morning, the second day after the explosion, we went to Fratelli Bourj-Hammoud. But the cast-iron craftsman said he had mixed feelings about moving back in after the repairs have been finished. The little children of the neighbourhood started to shout Israel, Israel, Israel ... We are more than 40 km from the place of the explosion.

Autoportrait Rembrandt Jeune, Que Mettre Dans Un Calendrier De L'avent Pour Bébé, Lans En Vercors En été, Hôtel île-de-france Spa, Tag La Chanson Qui 2018, Meilleur Pc Gamer Pas Cher,

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